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Rnase protection assay queries - (Nov/20/2007 )


I have some queries concerning the Rnase protection assay. Is Rnase capable to digest all types of RNA? Can it digest RNA in the RNA:RNA hybrid or in RNA:cDNA hybrid? Somone told me that the RNA:cDNA hybrid is resistant to Rnase digestion, is he right?

btw, any gd websites on Restriction mapping exercises/tutorial? Wanna do more practice.

Thx in advance.

-hkuspace graduate-

well ..i think RNAses will hydrolyse the rna rather than the cdna which is the dna itself anf rna cdna hybrid contains the rna which is degraded...go to the Neb website so as to to find the restriction sites..hope u understand rolleyes.gif

-Scientist To B-