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Suggest a name of a bidirectional expression vector - Anyone has idea of this vector? (Nov/20/2007 )

Hello everyone,

I am interested in using a expression vector in E coli that is directional independent, which mean it should has promoter at both sides so that the insert will be expressed regardless of the direction it was ligated into the vector.

I would appreciate for any inputs.

Thank you.


There are many vectors that contains two promoters at both sides. Many of them are polymerase specific promoters such as T7 promoter and SP6 promoter. You can use one of these plasmids. p0CAT van be used for this purpose.

But I strongly advice you to apply directional cloning in order to provide coorect arrangment of fragmnet into the plasmid. You can use two types of restriction enzymes which create sticky ends. Or you can use gateway vector system that confers correct insertion of gene of interest into the plasmid.

I hope this short data helps you...