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Possible to reuse electroporation cuvettes and how? - (Apr/05/2002 )

hi, all. I am wondering if it is possible to reuse the cuvettes for electroporation (biorad's) and how(autoclave?). They are expensive, so if I can reuse them, it would be good.


I often re-use cuvettes, both biorad and equibio, and have found there to be no problems. However you cannot autoclave the lids therefore contamination poses a greater risk than otherwise. Also I have found that arking (sudden flashes that kill the cells) are more frequent. Good luck


yes, you can re-use the cuvettes. For this, you have to wash them 3x with distilled water and 3x with norvanol/alcool and let them resting in norvanol/alcool in a closed (with paper )erlenmeyer for several hours.
After this time, you remove the alcool/norvanol without removing the paper and let them drying in the returned erlemeyer (always closed!!!!) .

  I hope that you've understand my bad english!!


Can't you just wrap the openining of the cuvette with tin foil then autoclave them. Contamination won't be a problem then. Caps are not really needed for electroporation anyway.


Cuvetttes that have experienced arcing should not be reused.


I've actually found the efficiency of transfection increases in suspension cells
when I am reusing the cuvettes for the 2nd or 3rd time.
To clean, simply wash in deionized H2O and then soak in ethanol in a tissue culture hood.
Use clean gloves. The cuvettes can also be irradiated by UV in the hood. It works quite well.


I reuse mu cuvettes after three wah of distilled water and trhee washes with 70% ethanol (and not the contrary because i've experienced that dna coul be fixed in the cuvette and therefore make contamination) after these washes i put all cuvettes in 50% ethanol for 30minutes and then return them on towel paper and let them to dry. For conservation i use a closed disposal dedicated for them.

I've done 15 electromporations with the sames cuvettes and don't get any problem.

But i always change the cuvette when using a new vector.

Finally, my cuvettes don't resist to an autoclave. Maybe yours? but i don't think so.