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Peptide purification - affinity chromatograph (Jun/16/2004 )

tongue.gif I had a purified antibody against a synthesized peptide (which conjugated by KLH). Now, I want to purify another peptide, which belong to the same family as the peptide to produce the antibody. Is possible for me to purify another peptide(s) by affinity chromatograph column (i.e.antibody coupled to the agarose gel)? I do not want to purify the peptide by RP-HPLC.


You can try but it may not work. Your best bet would be to use an affinity matrix that uses a biological receptor to the peptide; not an antibody. Do you have information on what the biological function of the peptide might be?


What is the biosource of your target peptide- where is it being isolated from? Many easy techniques exist for a step by step refinement of small peptides.