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Recommendations for a good site-directed mutagenesis kit - (Nov/15/2007 )

Hi, I am simply looking into a mutagenesis kit to introduce a point mutation in my vector.
I think the stratagene Quikchange kit looks good, but I wanted to get some opinions from people who have done this before!
Cheers, Jess


I have used the stratagene kit, and it worked directly in the first round very well for me. Other colleagues were also successful with it, so I can only recommend it!


You don't need kits to do SDM. You can do things with the quickchange method easily with your own reagents (if you make your own competent cells and buy Pfu and DpnI from a cheaper provider you can cut the cost). If you only need to do things once, I would not recommend buying a kit as they do not come for single reactions anyway, so you throw away a lot of money.


I would go with vairus. We buy different components from different suppliers for SDM but follow stratagene's protocol and use their online program to design primers. Its much cheaper.