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EMSA - What spacers do you have? (Nov/15/2007 )

What spacers do you use for your gels when doing EMSA? 1 mm or 1.5 mm spacers? And why?
And: at what voltage do you run your samples? Is it ok to run them at max 300 V?


I would use whatever spacers match my comb (I am lucky right now, lab has money and I get to buy them tongue.gif ) but I don't think that this is a critical choice, just use what you have.

Run the gel in 4C at 120V for one hour... this part I don't mess with, if you run the gel too fast or it gets hot your complexes could dissociate making your emsa into a smear...

Hope this helps and good luck...


Thank you very much! Your reply has helped me a lot!