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Primer conc - (Nov/12/2007 )

Please help me; I want make 100uM oligonucleotide stock from 329pMol(2ug) (20 mer) supplied (lyophilized in TE).



100 uM it is 100 umol in 1L
or 100 pmol in 1 uL

you should resuspend your 329 pmol in 3.29 uL
that sounds strange. Where am I wrong?


me too......that sounds strange.


I have to admit I have a headache,
but... shouldn't you have more than 329 pmoles ? it's really few.
Usually I order something around 50 nmoles at least.


Please refer page v of the user manual [link:
I want to make OpIE2 forward & OpIE2 Reverse primer to 100uM stock.


I think missele is right with the calculations.

100uM = 100umol/L = 100nmol/ml = 100pmol/ul

329pmol should be diluted in 3.29ul for 100pmol/ul conc.


As the primers belong to a kit, you should refer to the manual for resuspension. They have optimized protocols.
I'm too busy today to read it, but I guess that there are all details in the manual. usually they are really well down, and you don't need to use your brain, just read and follow instructions wink.gif