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Blunt end vector........? - (Oct/29/2007 )

Hello all
I am doing blunt end ligation first time.......I want to clone 4kb insert in suitable blunt end vector.
So please suggest me name of makers, or vectors which is mostly used for this expt.
Also suggest impoprtant points related to this experiments

Thanks in advance



if you are planning to clone and looking for a vector, try to find a vector where you donot have to do a blunt end cloning.
look for a vector which can give you a good choice of sites, like pBS or pGEM. Try to go for sticky end cloning, make your life more easier.


i agree with scolix. Try and avoid blunt end cloning, it is not the easiest of things to do. You can added restriction sites to your primers, which can then be later cut to give sticky ends. Remember to add enough bp to skirt the restriction site, else the site won't cut