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How to amplify a phage display library - (Oct/22/2007 )


I´m just starting to work with a phagemid library. I got this peptide library as a gift, and I only have a small aliquot of phage particles.

It would be very usefull for me to have a protocol detailing on how to do the infection in order to amplify this library without losing diversity (or losing the library at all!). My major concern is to have a library stock in cells but not in particles. I read that amplifying libraries is not a good idea, but I can´t find any other way.

Thanks a lot


Hi there,

here is a protocol from George Smith's lab for amplifying libraries. The amplification itself is not a problem, but you will most certainly loose diversity with this amplification step due to a number of different factors that affect certain phage more than others. How much will your diversity be reduced is a question all on itself and very tough to figure out.

Not a very good answer I know, but I hope it helps.