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Easy Question on seperating 1kb and 1.3kb gel bands - what percentage? (Oct/22/2007 )

HI everyone-

For a cloning I need to seperate a 1084 bp band from a 1328 bp band. It's been a while since I cloned and I'm wondering what gel percentage to use. Simple as that. If it's important I'm running agarose gels with TAE.

What percentage to use? 1.2%????? 2% is that too high?

I will get these bands from a digestion and use them to clone....

THanks very much,



I think 1% gel should be all right. You run the gel a bit longer.


I agree, 1% should be okay. As already said, just run the gel longer.


You may also give a hit on 2% for better photography.
Also 1% will let to visualise both insert and vectors