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PCR Tubes - what kind of lid ? (Oct/19/2007 )

Hi everyone,

I was wondering why PCR tubes are far more expensive when they come with flat lid ?
What kind of tube are you using ?

Thanks biggrin.gif


we just use small eppendorfs - what kind of tubes do you mean?


Liitle tubes with 0.2 mL capacity


i use flat lids but a number of labs around me prefer domed lids because they seem to make better contact with heated lids.


I like domed lids. Its easy to see if its closed well and better contact with the PCR mashine top.

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seems we were talking about the same thing kooothor

i tend to grab whatever is to hand - have'nt really noticed any difference between the two (the chemicals are at the bottom of the tube after all)



I prefer domed lids and we used to use them. But they are more expensive, so we started to buy flat lids tubes (very cheap) and we see no difference. Actually, I compare same PCRs (3 different sizes) in domed and flat lid tubes and I see absolutely no difference.

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