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RNA extraction from splenocytes - (Oct/17/2007 )

Hi all,

I am a new member at the forum.

I am trying to extract total RNA from mouse splenocytes to use it in real-time RT-PCR. The problem is I always get very low quantities of RNA.

The last time, I used Promega's mammalian RNA extraction kit using close to 100*10^6 cells. The RNA concentration I got was only 0.037 ug/ul.

The next time I will try TRIzol reagent, but the thing is that I only have 7 ml of it and so not much room for trial and error. So, can anyone suggest a proper number of cells to use?

I will be grateful for any help. Thanks.


I used Qiagens RNAeasy kits for mouse splenocytes RNA isolation, with about 1-10 10E6 cells to start with, and that worked fine for me.



Hi mike

Thank you for your reply. Could you please tell me what yield of RNA do you get from 1*10^6 cells?