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Lysis Buffer Preparations - (Oct/14/2007 )

Hello everyone
I am new to nucleic acids extraction and purification techniques.I am finding it really hard to make buffer solutions for extraction sad.gif .Can anyone tell me what does 1X,2X, 20X...mean? I have tried to understand the whole concept again and again, but i am still confused.
Also, does anyone know the procedure for making SSC buffer?I will be extremely thankful if someone answers to my queries..


hi natali

1x,2x and so on means how much is ur buffer diluted so 1x means its diluted one fold, and so on .....

for the recipe for SSC buffer i didnt make it before but i found it for you


1X is the working solution
2X means it's twice concentrated. If you want to use it, you have to dilute it twice. mix one volume of the 2X solution with one volume of distilled water.
20X means it's 20 times concentrated. so mix 1 volume of the 20X solution with 19 volumes of water.


Thanks a lot for your replies. smile.gif