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GFP/RFP/YFP G418 resistant plasmids - Help please (Oct/05/2007 )

Hi all!

I would like to create stable cell lines transfected with a specific protein. There are some old guys in the lab who are afraid of using viruses for transfection so I'll have to do it the old fashioned way with lipofectamine. Does anybody know where to get/buy a plasmid with a tag (GFP/YFP/RFP) and also with a G418 resistance? Everybody seems to be into virus nowadays...




I've worked with a plasmid from invitrogen which has a GFP tag and your desired resistance marker. They offer a large number of plasmids so you might want to search their website. Clontech and Novagen are also companies we frequently use to obtain plasmids. Seems like they have a good selection and between the three, we can always find what we are looking for.