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BiPolar Clamps on PCR primers for TGGE - (May/11/2004 )

hi! has anyone here worked with bipolar clamps on their PCR primers? i've come across a few studies that have used GC clamps on both the sense and anti-sense primers. but they do not specify the sequence of these GC clamps. my concern is, that if i attach one 40bp GC clamp to one primer and attach the same sequence GC clamp to the other primer, the PCR will not work! i am hoping to use the product for TGGE afterward and have heard that bipolar clamping improves results! does anyone have any suggestions as to how i can resolve this issue? thanks! smile.gif


I don't know whether you attach GC-clamps to eatch primer, in my experience, I only attach the GC-clamps to the forward promer(5'), and it worked well,
hope it's useful
stoneliu rolleyes.gif