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siRNA positive control - (Oct/02/2007 )

Hey researchers,
I've been looking for a good siRNA positive control. I started out an siRNA targeting Lamin A/C but it turns out Lamin A?C was not expressed in my HEK 293 cell line. I know GAPDH and actin are good controls as well. Does any happen to know where I can find the siRNA sequence for these two positive controls ( or any other that you happen to knwo is good)? I've tried searching at ambion but can not find the published sequence anywhere.



Check whether you can find the sequence you wanted here


Some people try to express gfp and then knock it down, as gfp siRNA sequence is quite well established and the readout is easy.


My favorite is siRNA against EGFP ( you can get it from IDT DNA). Better yet, the same siRNA agaist EGFPluc fusion gene (Clontech) for better quantitative purpose by measuring luc activity.