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neomycin-resistant gene vs kanamycin - (Sep/27/2007 )

Hi all,

I have this dumb question. I know neomycin-resistant gene in the plasmid provide bacteria resistant to G-418, neomysin. Does the gene also provide kanamycin-resistance? Thanks,


Yes, the neo gene provides resistance to kanamycin in prokaryotes


It would if the neo gene is under bacterial promoter, but not if it is for mammalian selection. Like pCIneo vector, for example, with neo gene for mammalian cells selection using G418, and bla gene for Amp selection of bacteria, then the neo gene in this case won't help bacteria to be resistant to kanamycin. I had tried this once before, stupid of me, I know blush.gif


Thank you very much, guys. It makes sense to me now.