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Zebrafish embryos time & temperature - (Sep/25/2007 )

I recently had a whole six dishes of embryos (that I spent all morning injecting rolleyes.gif ) that I found almost all dead the next day when I came in to collect. I've done this particular injection about six times before so I know the MO is not toxic and I was even using the lowest dose I ever used. Plus the uninjected embryos almost all died as well. I injected then left them out at room temp overnight. Before I left they were getting to 50% epiboly plus or minus a few but nothing much abnormal. I cleaned the water and even gave them fresh embryo water to reduce fungus or bacteria as much as possible.

Do they embryos need to be at 28.5 deg C for a while to survive? Before I've had my embryos at 28 then took them out before I left to room temp but this time I just left them at room temp. Could that be a factor? Then again it could just be bad luck with some sort of infection, but I didn't see any sign of fungus or any weird growths in the water like I sometimes do if I'm unlucky.

Thanks for any ideas (and I actually have a low mag picture of some of the embryos if that might help determine what's wrong).


are you sure that the room remained at the same temperature overnight?


So true.
About a year ago, a labmate of mine left her fish at room temperature. The next morning the fish were mostly dead. She found out that the heating in the building is turned off at night.


Yeah, I've left them out overnight before many times and it was fine. Of course that doesn't rule out the possibility that something happened on that particular night. I'm just going to have to try again and hope for the best.


you might want to set up a recording temperature monitor (if you have one available or if you can afford to get one) or incubate in a thermostated tank.