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Primer express? - Do you use it? (Sep/24/2007 )

We are trying to develop taqman probes. We have a program called primer express that is supposed to check our probe design to make sure it will be a good sequence for our Tms, etc etc.

We have not been able to install the program (compatibility issues) and are very frustrated by this.

I am curious if anyone here can help us out? Do you have Primer Express running, and if I post some primer and probe sequence, can you check them for me?

I know this sounds dumb. We are frustrated, as you can imagine. The taqman probes are expensive, and we cdon't want to order them without checking them first.



If you have problems with purchased software you should notice your local ABI support, it's theirs problem to solve.
Otherwise you can try other applications like Primer3 to check your primers and probes.
I worked with Primer Express, and still used Primer3 for design. Can't help you though, that was in old lab.


Hey Patty

I designed probes and primers via Primer Express last month and I sent my results to the ABI support! So do the same. People are unbelievable nice there because they wanna sell these expensive things. Simply send your sequences and they'll check for secondary structures and temps and so on. Maybe tell them about your software problem then they will answer a bit faster ;o) and maybe they can send a new compatible software (there are newer versions available).
I had the same problem installing the software on my home computer and they told me sometimes there are imcompatibility problems as you said! They couldn't help me with that!

Hope that helps, Dani