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Lab Procedure - Lab Procedure (Sep/18/2007 )

Hello all,

I am looking into making a standardised lab procedure in the animal tissue culture lab. The current protcol sucks, it has acids involved in washing the glass bottles used to store the medium and lately the acid is seeping through the bottles even after autoclaving and is turning the medium acidic. So I am out to look for new options as I don't want my cells to die out..

So let me know if anyone has a defined set of protocols used in their labs. Including the soaps that are used.

The lab mainly deals with culturing the sf9 cells, caco2, ma109, bgmk and other cells for research purposes, and also we use spinner flasks for some of the experiments.

So post any of the protocols that you might be using.



we just use extran neutro for washing glass and then wash with destiled water many times before autoclaving.

-aztecan princess-