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Looking for an antibody/epitope type of search... - (Sep/14/2007 )

Is there any database or way to search for any antibodies that may recognize your protein. For example, if I want an antibody to a zebrafish protein that I don't currently believe an antibody was designed for, can I search for any antibody that recognizes any possible epitope (denatured of course) on the protein. I have the sequence of the protein so I could theoretically break it up into a million possible short epitopes and see if any antibody should cross-react but I can't type that fast!!! rolleyes.gif

Of course I could design my own and pay some company to do it or try to immunize and purify all on my own. I'm checking to see if human Ab may cross-react. I could tag it and put it back into the fish, but that would be a waste of time if an antibody exists that may cross-react with my zebrafish protein. Just curious if there's an easy way to do that. Some program that splits it up and searches the web for matches, maybe?


well i don't think such a program exists. I would better go for cross reaction for quick method if you think tagging your protein is a waste of time.
Try to borrow some antibody to a lab and see if cross reaction occurs. what's the protein you're currently studying ?