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TBE urea gel sample buffer - formamid or not? (Sep/11/2007 )

I need some help. I got a protocol for low molecular weight Northerns, where the precipitated RNA is resuspended in formamid an a loading buffer. Now I'm working in another lab, and we're considering to buy the loading buffer (Novex TBE sample buffer, Invitrogen) as we don't do a lot of Northerns here. But Invitrogen recommend not resuspend our samples in formamid. blink.gif Do any of you have any experience with the Novex sample buffer, and if so, how do you treat you treat your RNA?

Thanks for your help


maybe not the right answer but...
Normally a sample buffer is just to use for doing a gel. i personnally use a formamide baserd sample buffer.
I think that
"Invitrogen recommend not resuspend our samples in formamid"
means don't resspend your RNAs after their extraction in formamide. I used to do that in order to prevent degradation, but if you plan to do micro/macroarrays and/or RT(q)PCR you need to repellet your RNAs.


Thanks for your help. I think I'll just use the home made formamide buffer.