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how to make a sucrose gradient? - (Sep/03/2007 )

Hi guys, I’ve got to make a sucrose gradient, linear, 5 to 30% but I’ve already tried with the gradient maker and was not that nice. Does anyone of you any idea how to prepare them using a single solution, putting that into the tube and freezing them? I’ve heard this is pretty good technique, but I can’t find any reference in Internet. Thank you very much!!!
(as far as I understood, there are also table indicating the concentration of the solution and the range they reach… )


when i made sucrose gradients i would pour them immediately before use, i never froze them.

to pour i would put a small cushion of high concentration solution on the bottom of the tube and then pour the gradient, from high to low concentration, through a narrow bore (maybe 20 or 22 gauge) needle (so that it would pour in a fine stream rather than in droplets) and down the side of the tube fast enough to be practical but slow enough that the gradient would not be disrupted.