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Experience with Ultramers from IDT? - Long oligos (Aug/29/2007 )

I was wondering if anyone has used Ultramers from IDT? They're long (up to 200nt) ssDNA oligos. I want to order 2 and anneal them together. Do you think annealing together such a long oligo would be problematic? And for those who have used the Ultramer, did you sequence them to see if they're correct (and were they correct?)?


-miRNA man-

If you want to build a 200 bp dsDNA fragment, then you can do this with two 110 bp fragments and doing a single no-template PCR cycle (actually I'd do a few) or anneal and extend with Klenow. The 20 bp overlap should be enough to prime either of these reactions. I would definitely expect (but hope to avoid) mutations. I haven't used the IDT oligos.