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pGEX-2T GST fusion vector - (Aug/29/2007 )

I'm a master student at Izmir Institute of Technology, Biotechnology and Bioengineering Department and need pGEX-2T vector for my project. Unfortunately I cannot afford to buy it. Is there anyone who has this vector?
Any help would be appreciated.
Burcu Sengez


Variants of the vector are available from They are a non-profit organization, and will charge only $65 for the plasmid. Don't know if that's still too expensive for you.

Here is a link to a pGEX-2T-GST vector with a human gene cloned in. If the restriction sites are ok for you, you could cut out the cloned in gene and insert your own. If that is not suitable, just search in the site for pGEX-2T, there are quite a few hits.

-bitesizebio guy-