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RNA extraction - How to take a pancreas sample and get RNA before degradation? (Aug/28/2007 )

Hi everybody,
I'd like to know if any of you has experience extracting RNA from pancreas...I need to take the tissue sample and then do the RNA - DNA purification, I know it's pretty hard to do it since the pancreas in particular has lots of enzymes which can quickly degradate RNA before I can get the chance to extract it..

Do you know anything about what to do?? after killing the rat?
All I know so far is that dissection has to be as fast as possible, and I should perform the purification just after that..........I'm planning to use Trizol...

hope you can give me any suggestion





well i don't use to extract on whole tissue but i would cut with clean scalpel in tiny pieces and freeze in nitrogen. then crush it in RNA later or use automatic crusher with metal beads. Then trizol procedure.


Use RNALater.