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Using speed vacs for concentrating acetonitrile samples - Concentrating HPLC fractions (Aug/28/2007 )

Hi, I am new to this forum. My HPLC fractions are in water/acetonitrile. They are quite dilute, and in order for me to better run assays on them, I would like to concentrate them down. I am looking at buying a speed vac concentrator, but I am wary about how well it works with acetonitrile samples. Could someone with experience in this area help me out?




Hi Lisa,

I routinely concentrate my HPLC samples in a speedvac. I usually dry them completely to get rid of any TFA or TEA in the buffers and resuspend them in the buffer I am using for the experiment or water for mass spec. The speedvac works great with the water / acetonitrile samples.

Good luck,