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Experience with Pierce CL-Xposure Film? - Pierce vs. Amersham film (Aug/24/2007 )

Hi Everyone,

Currently I am doing western blots using the Invitrogen system (X-cell surelock, Nupage bis-tris gels, PVDF membrane) along with Pierce Supersignal West Pico Chemiluminescent. I have been using Amersham Hyperfilm ECL for visualization however they have discontinued making 25 sheet boxes (only make 50 sheet boxes) and have substantially raised the price. I do not need 50 sheets of film and need a more economical choice.

The film I was considering as a replacement is Piece CL-XPosure. I was wondering if anyone had any experience with this film? I called their technical support but they have yet to make a comparison to Amersham films - only to Kodak Biomax MR-1 or Omat Blue.

Any advice you could offer would be great!

Thanks so much.


I've been using that film (Pierce CL) for ~4yrs and it's great. if it's ever blotchy, it's due to my error smile.gif

good luck


Thanks so much for the response! I will feel better about ordering it now.


I have used it for 1year. It works fine.