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See small size difference on gel? - (Aug/19/2007 )

Hi! I wonder if you think it is possible to see the different between two products in different lanes with the expected sizes 1894bp and 1728bp?

How would you design it? What gel %, voltage? Time?



I would say yes. Personally, I'd find the longest gel tray I had, make something like a 0.8 or 0.7 % gel, and run it for as long as possible. Also, try to find a DNA ladder with helpful size bands! If you want to confirm that the products are different sizes you can also mix a small amount of them and load them in the same well and run the gel until they (hopefully) separate. Try not to overload the gel i.e. don't put too much DNA in each well as you want a nice tight band not a big fat one. Also, cross your fingers and hope that your gel runs straight.


You should have no trouble. Personally, I'd use a 1% gel, but other than that, I'd agree with the other advice.