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Antibody detecting albumin - (Aug/17/2007 )


I've been having some problems with Western blot analysis of some conditioned media. I have transfected 293 cells to express my protein of interest (should localise in the media). I use serum free media and wash the cells with PBS prior to adding this. However my blot results look like albumin is still present in large quantities and is producing bands on my blot. I block the membrane with 5% non fat milk powder. What would be the best way to remove this band? It runs pretty close to where my protein will be located.

Many thanks



Hi, there are many albumin depletion kits, although they are thought for Human plasma or serum album depletion, but perhaps you can try them and find out, if your spot will vanish, if it really is albumin. Here are some examples of companies, which sell these kits.