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EMSA equipment - What do you use? (Aug/10/2007 )

Hello everyone!
I am about to establish EMSAs n our lab and I would like to hear what you people use in your lab. e.g. what gel systems you would suggest and so on. I heard that BioRad is okay. What do you think?
Thanks! smile.gif


Do you want to do radioactive EMSA? So you need an Isotope-lab. And for electrophoresis, I use a vertical apparatus with 16x18 cm gel size and TBE buffer, so you have a good long way for seperation. You will need a gel-dryer and special films for gamma-32-p, hyperfilm MS is my favourite. A T4-Kinase for labeling, G-25 spin coloums for cleaning of labeled probes and that's it, I think.

If you are not working with radioactive labeled probes, than the requirements will be different, I guess.


@biomaus: I will be working with radioactive probes. So thanks a lot for your first hints! smile.gif