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what grade/brand of chemical? - (Aug/09/2007 )


I am new to purchasing chemicals for a lab. I need some phenol:chloroform:isoamyl (25:24:1) and some chloroform for DNA and RNA extractions. Searching the internet has led me to believe that there are many different types of each of these. For example, sigma has an ultra pure one, whlie on VWR i can find an ACS grade. Does anyone have any recommendations? The prices seem greatly different, and I don't want to get something I don't need. Thank you so much for your help



ask them which purity is suitable for molecular biology experiences. But i think both of these 2 refs complients with "molecular biology" label.


You donot need cell culture grade or extremely pure chemicals (which can be quite expensive) so ask if they are fine for molecular biology and order them.


we use home made phenol:chloroform. we buy these chemical individually from Nacalai Tesque.

-T. reesei-