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real time sybergreen concentration - (Mar/25/2004 )

hi evry body!
any body known realtime sybergreen concentration in pcr reaction.
i planed external addition all sybergreen kit (roche) cool.gif kontent???


the only real advice i can give you is to not add sybr green externally, but to buy it in a kit - like Sigma SybrGReen jumstart ready mix which is what i use (lots of companies have these kits eg. sigma, invitrogen). only because it reduces the error you may have in adding it seperately. and with real time, it is so sensitive that reducing any errors (eg. pipetting error etc) is extremely important. it also makes it easier to compare between experiments.

other than that, maybe look up these kits anyway - they might have what concentrations they use in them. or contact the companies and ask them (although it might be proprietry information).


SYBR Green I is available as a 10,000x stock. The final concentration in most QPCR reactions is 1x.



Maybe these two papers can help you (I found them recently):

- "A quantitative fluorescence-based microplate assay for the determination of double-stranded DNA using SYBR Green I and a standard ultraviolet transilluminator gel imaging system.", Vitzthum F, Geiger G, Bisswanger H, Brunner H, Bernhagen J., Anal Biochem. 1999 Dec 1;276(1):59-64

- "Investigations on DNA intercalation and surface binding by SYBR Green I, its structure determination and methodological implications.", Zipper H, Brunner H, Bernhagen J, Vitzthum F., Nucleic Acids Res. 2004 Jul 12;32(12):e103.



When you add SYBR Green I to your PCR reactions, you will need to add more magnesium. Typically, an increase from 1.5 mM to 4 mM magnesium is required for 1x SYBR Green I, but it may be ueful to titrate in the amount your reactions need.