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Can RNase A degrade miRNA? - (Aug/02/2007 )

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QUOTE (rye @ Aug 9 2007, 06:00 AM)
I remember a kit provide by SBI, which aims to clone miRNA in form of double strands , but not sure the efficiency of the approach

6 months ago I started a topic asking regarding the existance of "double-stranded" miRNA


Thanks for mentioning the topic about doble-stranded miRNAs. I had missed it and it's interesting. Always good to doubt about things which are taken for granted but actually poorly known. Here's my contribution.

In plants, the methylating enzyme hen1 has only affinity for duplexes, so they seem to exist, though probably for a very short time. Single-stranded miRNAs or miRNAs* are not recognized as substrates, and yet all plant miRNAs are methylated.

-andrea massimo-

just a though about it, but as dsRNA can be administred to c elegans by feeding, they may be quite strong....


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