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MONO Q - (Jul/30/2007 )

I'm using an anionic detergent in my lysis buffer (sarkosyl), but I don't want it in my elution buffer. Does anyone know how much I would need to wash the column once my protein binds to get rid of it? The reason is I need to do a MONO Q purification after and I can't have any anionic detergent or it'll clog up the column etc...



Sarcosyl is dialysable detergent so it will be better to dialyse your lysate against binding buffer before binding with Mono Q ( or desalting on Sephadex G 25 ). If your lysate are on the Mono Q now so I think it will be difficult to remove anionic detergent without loss of your protein in fall through fractions. Because you need to use salt gradient to remove this detergent from IEC.