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Nucleic acid isolation - (Mar/06/2004 )

I am a student majoring in Biology. I am very interested in isolating nucleic acids. Please anybody could give me some detailed information about nucleic acid isolation technology? Thanks very much!

My email address:


Where can I download such information?


Hi Berndzhang,

For DNA isolation you can visit here:

For RNA, go here


Dear Sage,

Thks great! But what I most want is the technology of isolation nucleic acid, not the protocols.

There are several different method of isolating nucleic acid, such as the technology based on anion-exchange, salt precipitation, silica-gel column and so on.

Please could you give me a more detailed of methods of isolation nucleic acids? How many methods? What are the princles? What are the virtues and shortcomings of these different methods? What is the most popular methods the companies such as Qiagen, Promega, Gentra systems use? What is the trend of the nucleic acid purification technology?

Thanks in advance!

Bernd Zhang


Hi Berndzhang !

In fact, columns are quite easy to use and doesn't take a long time...
Qiagen one's are quite good (in fact there is a kit that permit to extract DNA et RNA from the same sample...)
The Macherey-Nagel one's are less expensive...

But there is so many techniques...