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Basic CHO cell culture - (Jul/26/2007 )

Hey guys,

I'm new to this so I'm you guys can help me out. I'm starting a project working with CHO cells and I know very little about them. What media is the best to use for the adherent type? Is there special that I should know before handling them??

Thanks! wacko.gif


CHO's are pretty hardy. They live in either RPMI or DMEM media. To that you add at least 7.5% v/v FCS (fetal calf serum). Most people add 10%. They don't need anything else, although you will often see other suppliments added ie, horse serum or glutamax. It's not necessary but it won't kill them.
They grow quickly and you may find that you have to passage them once or twice per week.
Best of luck.

-kathryn c-

If you need info about a specific cell line you can find it on the ATCC website (American Type Culture Collection) Link ATCC
For the CHO-K1 cell line use the following ink CHO-K1

You can find the culture conditions, pictures, ...on this site.



yea, good call..I've looked at their website. They do have tons of info.