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Which vector would you choose for transient expression in CHO cells - (Jul/26/2007 )

I am sure, this topic has been discussed here already, but I did not finde the corresponding topic, so I'll it a new one rolleyes.gif

I'm about to express a human protein transiently in CHO cells, just as it is, without a tag. Since our lab has just been setup a couple of month ago, we don't have any mammalian expression vectors available, so I'll have to buy one. I have not done a lot of mammalian protein expression, so I wonder which vector to choose.

Maybe you can share your experience with me? Which vector do you prefer/recommend and which ones you disadvice.
Thanks for your help



Something like pCDNA3 would work fine.


Yep, i was thinking about pCDNA3 or pCMV-Script. I was thinking about whether theres a difference in expression-yields between these 2.