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constrcut a GFP plasmid that work in Drosophila s2 cells - (Jul/25/2007 )

Hi, i plan to make a make a new gfp plasmid for my experiment.
Does anyone have a recomendation for a plasmid that i can buy?
I want to do promoter study so i need a plasmid that allow me to insert my promoter in front of the GFP to allow the promoter to drive the GFP..And the plasmid got to be ableto function in S2 cells
Any form of help is greatly appreciated..


Ideally, other reproter systems, such as luciferase, serve better purpose for such application. If you really want to use EGFP, try to use a destablized version of EGFP to better monitor promoter activity, because EGFP has a long half life. Clontech has the most collection of these products.