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How can I send RNA samples for microarray application - general lab techniques (Jul/22/2007 )

Hi all,
I want to send RNA samples for microaaray application. Normally I should send them with cold ice. However my boss insisited on to send after ethanol precipitation. I wonder ethanol precipitation procedure. Additionally, I read that after ethanol precipitation it is highly probable to loose some of samples. Do u know a trick to prevent it or another method beside ethanol precipitation?
Thank you...


the genral liquid extraction procedure contains a precipitation step. You ay resuspend your pellet in ethanol and that's a very stable comndition. You send our sample in dry ice.
You may also use RNAlater in your prep. I don't have used it but there may be an application for RNAsample.
In the case of columns extraction, you have to pellet the eluted DNA.