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anti IgM secondary HRP? - (Jul/18/2007 )


Does anyone know of any good anti-mouse IgM HRP scondary antibodies out there, to be used in western??? I've already used one from one company, and i got a lot of non-specific bands, but i heard a lot of bad things abt this company's stuff, so are there any good secondaries?? Also, has anyone actually used an anti-IgM???

thnks, Neetha


Hi there, you could try using a biotin-conjugated anti IgM secondary, then an HRP-conjugated streptavidin tertiary, which should yield a much cleaner result. I use this system in ELISAs with good success, unfortunately I'm at home now and can't remember the brand of the anti-IgM that we use, but it's good. I can repost with the brand on Monday if you'd like.