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DNA isolation for waxing cover leaf - help me plzzz.... (Jul/17/2007 )

hello n hi to everybody....

i'm new in molecular biology and i'm doing a research on a plant where the leaves has wax surface.i found that it was very diffuclt to grind it and also get a DNA.currently i'm using CTAB method.can anyone help me with this matter...i need to know the best way of grinding the wax leaves or in other way..are there any way that i can remove the wax from the leaves without loosing the DNA.thnx in advance.. laugh.gif


liquid nitrogen with a mortar and pestle should make short work of your leaf.

As for the waxy cover... I don't know. You suppliment the CTAB protocol with like additives like PVP (Polyvinylpolypyrrolidone), followed later by emulsification with dichloromethane.

You get the idea... addition of an organic solvent. The Net might even hold protocols for the plant you are working on.