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Diluting dried DNA - Diluting dried DNA (Feb/10/2004 )

I am doing some research on the interactions between DNA and iron sulphides. I am using freeze dried DNA (40mg, E.coli)for this and was wondering if anyone knew of an accurate procedure for rehydrating and diluting the DNA. I was worried about it adhering to the glass/plastic vessel, does anyone know which would be most appropriate? How well will the DNA dilute considering the size of the molecule? do I need to take any precautions against damage to the molecule? the DNA must be in water for my experiments, how much water would it require?

any help, much appreciated


Hi Byran,

Both water and TE buffer will do. Your DNA should be easy to disolve. How much you should add depends on the concentration you want. Thre is no special precaution you should take except not vortexing too much.

Hope it helps.