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Any Book recommendation for Biological assays - Biological assays? (Jul/03/2007 )

Dear Friends ,
I am lookingfor a book which contains all or main biological assays, eg. mercaptopyridine assay, MTT assay, zincon assay, thiophenol assay etc. Normally all of these are spectrophometrically measured but i need the protocols for these. Mostly it is related with activity of chemical compounds synthesised or to check the redox behaviour of compounds.

Plz recommend some book.



I doubt there's a single book with all that you want. You're working on bacterial systems, aren't you? Tietz Textbook on Clinical Chemistry provides detail of many CLINICAL assays. Probably not what you need, though.

Also, the Data For Biochemical Research book is useful for those elusive wavelengths in spectroscopy (and a host of other info such as MP & BP). Min dyou, you could always just do a scanning spec and identify peaks. Other than that, I'd interrogate the Methods in Enzymology series for enzymatic methods and the chemistry press for chemical methods.