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PCR OF HIV genome - (Jun/28/2007 )

Does anybody have such experiences about PCR HIV GENOME, please share the experience here? I am just PCR HIV genome from HIV-infected PBMC in vitro, yet, it did not succeed when I pcr it from plasma. Perhaps out of the low viral load in the plasma, compared with the PBMC. Thanks!
I have just search here, there is less forum about HIV/AIDS control and research, please establish HIV forum.


What region do you want to PCR? The entire genome or just parts of it.

In plasma, you will only find RNA, not DNA, so you need to reverse transcribe it first and then proceed with PCR. The reverse transcription is the bottleneck amplification of HIV (wether in parts, or the complete genome).

Tell me more and I'll give you some links to publications that talk about amplification of severall parts (gag-Pr, PR-RT, env) or the entire genome.