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sample addition indicators - (Jun/19/2007 )

Dear all,
i am developing a elisa kit now. One problem is that I forget to add samples . As i know, many commercial elisa kits have sample addition indicators in different parts of the kit. To eliminate this error, i also want to add some dyes in my solution. Did anyone have the experience on this? Any suggestion would be appreciated.


I've never used dyes with an ELISA kit. I'd worry that they could possibly interfer with the assay. My advice would be lay out a sample rack (96 holder 12x8) with the tubes in the same order you will add them. I assuming you're loading standards and samples in duplicate (7 standard concentrations, 1 blank, and 40 samples) and move the tube one column to the left once you've added them. It shouldn't be too hard to load multiple 96 well plates, slightly staggered without forgetting to load samples.

Hope this helps,