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Which UTR to use after T7 promoter? - (Jun/18/2007 )


Can you give me an advice on which UTR to use after T7 promoter:

We will make a construct:
T7promoter - UTR - gene

Then, we will transfect human cells.
UTR should provide us high translation and no complications.

I was thinking of using HSP 12 UTR from Arabidopsis.

Do you think I might encounter any problems?
This UTR was taken from Arabidopsis and inserted into Aspergillus Oryzae.
The results are really good - highest yield of protein ever obtain in filamentous fungi.

Thanks for all your help!



I need a 5UTR after T7 promoter in HEK 293 human cell line.

Can you please tell me where can I order a whole human gene(alfa-globin, actin, ribosome protein, 70kD heat shock protein, miozine, histone).
From this gene I would like to cut of the UTR and inserted infornd of our gene and after T7 promoter.

Can samebody please tell me where to order one of these genes that also contains this UTR.

I do not have experiency in buying stuff like this.

Thanks a lot for your help.
I would really appriciate if you give me an answer as soon as possible.

Best regards,