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conformation specific mAb - can make a story? (Jun/08/2007 )

hi all,
i have been raising monoclonal antibodies against a protein for which i have got approximately a hundred clones within which i need to search for an inhibitory. meanwhile i have characterized the affinity of all the clones by competitive elisa and also found that of all those only one clone is showing a 70% reduction in the O.D when the protein is coated in the presence of oligo since the protein is a DNA binding protein. this shows that the clone is conformational sensitive in the presence of oligo
can someone please guide me whether i can make a story with this mAb alone and try to publish it?
thanks in advance


I suppose you could use this antibdy to work out how much is DNA-bound by ELISA measuring with 2 abs that don't distinguish between the 2 forms (A) and combination between this ab which only binds the unbound form and another that doesn't as the capture ab (cool.gif. Subtraction of the concentration given by B from A should give you the DNA bound concentration. I'd guess you have to add in the DNA sequence first and you could do this by EMSA or another way so might be a waste of time.

Might also tell you something about the structural changes in the protein if you know the epitope to which the ab binds.