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ELISA inhibition/competition assay - (Jun/06/2007 )

I am new to immunology, can anyone help me with: how to interpret the results of ELISA inhibition assays? blink.gif
I know tht there are 2 antibodies (A and 'B) added at the same time to the ELISA plate, and say the 2nd antibody ('B) is detected
if the results of % inhibition come as -179, -149, -112 in presence of higher dilutions of antibody A, wht wud be the interpretation?
If you want i can attach the file for clarity.


from the %inhibition values you have given means that B' antibody is competing with A for the antigen but ofcourse it depends on the titer of both the antibodies used for the competittion
have you done the titration of both of them
better you attach the results