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polyA tail as 3' adaptor to clone miRNA - (May/31/2007 )

has any guys here had experience with poly(A) polymerase?

I learned that when cloning miRNAs the ligation of the 3′ adapter can be replaced by addition of a poly(A) tail to the small RNAs using poly(A) polymerase, in which case oligo(dT) is used as a primer for reverse transcription.

I'd like to try the polyA tail, but there's some details i am not sure.
has anyone ever used the poly(A) polymerase? Thanks so much!!


I have read about this approach in "Identification of 20 microRNAs from Oryza sativa" wang 2004.
Why not contacting them and ask about the things which are not clear?

I also found this:

Good luck with your cloning method.
Please drop a line about your experiments later.